Handy is a small console program to convert the output of Lotus Notes client version 5.x or 6.x into a vCal Version 2.0 file and/or sends the appointments to a cellphone of type SIEMENS S45 and maybe S35 also. In general it should be able to handle every device, that understands the vCal standard. But that's untested!

Record Manager

Record Manager is a program to manage records and/or any other sound carrier. The program allows especially the registering of singles, long playing record (LP), CDs, MCs and other sound carriers. The program contains a separate structure to manage singles. Management of all other sound carriers (LP, CD, MC, ...) is the other of total two structures. Both structures are combined by the program in a way that you can make use of both.


This is a small utility to split a large file into several small files. On a target machine you can combine the small files back into one big file.

Air pressure

This is the description of a small daemon for *NIX/Linux that reads the air pressure out of a small hardware device, connected to the parallel port of a PC.

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